About the Symposium

‘Automation should not be done because you can. Automation must serve you, not the reverse’ [1]

What is the Pharmacy Automation Symposium?

There is a lot of talk in hospitals about the role of automated pharmacy systems, and the value they can provide in terms of reducing errors and increasing the efficiency of medication distribution.

But how do you know if systems such as pharmacy-based robotic dispensing systems and ward / theatre-based automation dispensing cabinets are right for your hospital?

And if they are right, what are the steps you need to take to make good decisions in regard to effectively choosing and implementing this technology?

The PharmConsult Pharmacy Automation Symposium will, by providing independing information and advice, help you to answer key questions such as:

  • What is pharmacy automation?
  • What are the variety of pharmacy automation hardware and software solutions that are available in Australia to meet specific and unique needs of particular hospitals?
  • How do the different types of pharmacy-based and ward-based automation / robotic systems differ, and what benefits do they provide?
  • How I determine if and which automated systems are right for my hospital?
  • What does good practice hospital pharmacy inventory management look like, and where does automation fit within this?
  • What are the gaps commonly found between traditional hospital pharmacy inventory management and good pharmacy inventory practice?
  • What are the options including automation to close these gaps?
  • What does a compelling business case for investment in pharmacy automation need to contain?
  • How do I prepare a tender for pharmacy and / or ward-based automation systems that addresses the needs of my hospital?
  • What do I need to consider when making decisions on, and successfully implementing a pharmacy or ward-based automation system (including what are the traps I need to avoid)?
  • How do I effectively manage the on-going contract with a pharmacy automation system provider?


[1] Mark Neuenschwander.  PharmConsult symposium on applying proved technologies for medicines safety and distribution efficiency. Melbourne, Nov 2014.